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Philadelphia Comedy Academy

2031 Sansom St,
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Email: bradtrackman@aol.com
Website: bestcomedycoach.com

The Philadelphia Comedy Academy is an ongoing monthly workshop which will focus on developing and honing a 5 minute set of stand up. By the end of the month you will actually perform this act at the prestigious Helium Comedy Club.

Our Philosophy in teaching stand up is understanding that training is essential. Stand up comedy is an art form. It's a craft similar and not unlike any dance, theatre or vocal program. There's a foundation that can be learned which will expedite one's success. Ongoing workshops are for everyone. Beginner to advanced.

Classes will focus on:

  • How to break into NYC and LA clubs and become a weekend regular.
  • Getting a tv agent and manager.
  • Microphone technique and improving stage mechanics.
  • The difference between being a city comic and a road comic. The pros and cons of both and finding the perfect medium.
  • Developing an original persona and learning how to write for it.
  • How to develop comedy ideas into a real stand up act.
  • Different styles of writing stand up.
  • How to go about actually making a living as a comedian.
  • Make a dvd of your performance by a videographer from comcast.

To learn more, visit our media page.

July classes start on the 19th.
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2011 saw former students, David Baker and Erik Rivera, make their "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" debuts!

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Brad Trackman performing live in New York City's Time Square for Radio Shack